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Anadeon develops leaders and professionals in solving problems and communicating with impact, driving better decision-making and building values-driven, high-performance teams.
We serve governments, public-sector organizations and private-sector companies with world-class training, coaching and advisory of leaders and professionals.
Our distinctive strengths are our excellence in our core areas of expertise, our dedication to relentlessly high quality, our belief in the strongest professional values, and our desire to make a difference.
Our core areas of excellence are
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Best-practice communication
  • Structured project management
  • Progressive leadership

Problem Solving & Communication

For every problem there is a solution.

Anadeon empowers you to find solutions and make better decisions, with our distinctive training and coaching programs in structured problem solving and communication.

Our programs provide the full set of methods and tools to define, structure, prioritize and analyze any problem and to communicate the answer with clarity and impact, similar to how the global top tier management consulting firms work.

The outstanding quality of our programs set us apart. We invest relentlessly to ensure our training materials and teaching principles are of the very highest standard and include both immersive in-class teaching and on-the-job coaching to ensure maximum learning and value creation.

Our programs in Problem Solving & Communication are available both for individual sign-up at our “open programs”, and for tailor-made “in-house programs” to suit the specific needs of your organization.

PowerPoint is the most widely used format for corporate communication, yet many of us struggle to communicate with slides, in spite of investing many frustrating hours. As recipients, we often feel confused by unclear slides.


Anadeon’s training and coaching programs in Best-Practice PowerPoint Communication enable you to succeed in PowerPoint. Our programs cover the full methodology of how to structure and design slides, ensuring that your audience understands and follows your recommendations; and with much less time spent in front of the screen.

Our Best-Practice PowerPoint Communication programs are built on the same distinctive foundations as our other programs:

  • Learning and development of the very highest quality with tried and tested tools and principles

  • Only top-notch facilitators with deep practical experience, incl. 15+ years of top tier consulting experience and corporate leadership experience

  • Intense facilitator coaching and feedback to engage with participants

Green Forest

Best-Practice PowerPoint Communication

Get your message across.
Mountain Climber

About Anadeon

Relentlessly high quality.
The strongest professional values.

Anadeon is founded with the mission of developing outstanding leaders and professionals in both the public and private sectors, leading to better decision-making and to stronger professional values.


Our name reflects our mission: Anadeon is a portmanteau of the ancient Greek words “anabaino” and “dikaion”, meaning to progress or develop oneself, and to do so in a right and just way.

Martin portrait 1.jpg
Martin Overgaard Jensen
Founder & Managing Director
  • LinkedIn

Anadeon is founded and led by Martin Overgaard Jensen. Martin was Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company 2005-09, managing client consulting projects and building a Level 2 specialization in Strategy, as well as leading internal and external training programs. From 2010-14 Martin served Rail Net Denmark, ultimately in a senior line leadership position as Deputy Director of Operations. He then co-founded and led the Affenium professional community of McKinsey, Bain and BCG alumni, before founding and focusing on Anadeon’s mission of developing leaders and professionals for the future. Martin holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering and is a former Sergeant of the Danish Army.

In unwavering support of Ukraine,

we donate a share of our revenues to
Ukrainian charitable foundation "Come Back Alive"

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