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Structured Project Management

Simplify, structure, and succeed.

Structured Project Management is an integrated set of methods, tools and principles for planning and executing most types of common projects, including solving the core business problem and communicating recommendations and solutions with clarity and conviction. 

We use a simple and pragmatic approach, similar to how the global top-tier management consulting firms work, which does away with the complexity of more formal or certified project management systems. 

Our approach is highly suitable for projects in business development, strategy, finance, operations, process improvements and similar, where the project runs over weeks or a few months.

Principles, methods and tools

Our programs in Structured Project Management provide the full set of methods and tools to define, mobilize, execute and track projects, and to communicate and deliver project outcomes.

Among the key principles, methods and tools covered are:

  • The project management process

  • Defining and mobilizing the project

  • Executing the project and solving the core business problem

  • Stakeholder management and influencing

  • Project communication

Our programs in Structured Project Management typically consist of:

  • 3 days of class-based training to learn and practice the methods and tools

  • Follow-up sessions of individual coaching on own projects, to immediately convert the learning to actual skills and value-creation

Client delivery

Inquire about Structured Project Management

To learn more or start a dialogue about our training, coaching and advisory programs in Structured Project Management, please reach out to us via the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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