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Progressive Leadership

Lead by developing.

Expectations and contexts may evolve, but what defines a true leader remains the same.

We define Progressive Leadership as:

  • Proactive and optimistic

  • Based on the strongest professional and personal values and integrity

  • Focused on constant development of oneself and the team

  • High-performance in results and personal efficiency

Our leadership development programs are applicable to leaders and leadership teams at all levels, from project managers to C-level executives.

Principles, methods and tools

We draw our approach to Progressive Leadership from five critical components of leadership, including leading yourself, leading others, and leadership values.

Among the key principles, methods and tools covered in our programs are:

  • Team forming and organization

  • Team preferences and dynamics

  • Structured performance reviews and people development

  • Best-practice feedback

  • Time and energy management

  • Leadership values

Anadeon’s programs in Progressive Leadership may serve individual leaders or a full leadership team and are always tailored specifically to the actual needs of the client.

The programs typically commence with an initial diagnosis and review to identify the main development areas, followed by 2- to 6-month flow blending training workshops and individual or small-group coaching.

Client delivery

Inquire about Progressive Leadership

To learn more or start a dialogue about our training, coaching and advisory programs in Progressive Leadership, please reach out to us via the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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