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Communication & PowerPoint

Get your message across.

The ability to communicate with clarity and conviction is central for the modern leader and professional.

Anadeon’s training and coaching programs in Structured Communication & PowerPoint enable you to succeed with your communication and to get your message across in PowerPoint. 

Our programs cover the full methodology of how to communicate effectively and compellingly, by delivering your messages and recommendations with simplicity and clarity.

The learnings from the programs are applicable to all communication, regardless of communication format and channel. However, the programs have a particular focus on PowerPoint, given its prevalence as the de facto format for communication in large organizations.

Principles, methods and tools

Regardless of whether you communicate verbally or in writing – and whether you use PowerPoint or another format – successful communication derives from clear and simple messages, understanding your audience, and having a strong structure.

Our programs in Structured Communication & PowerPoint thus focus first on how to build strong storyline structures and narratives, using proven methods and tools such as:

  • Synthesis

  • The pyramid principle

  • Audience analysis

  • The SCR/SCQ model

These principles can be applied to all communication, regardless of format.

The programs then cover the best-practices specifically for PowerPoint, including:

  • How to design clear and simple messages in PowerPoint, using action titles, the slide body, and typical slide designs

  • How to layout PowerPoint slides that work, using the “golden rules” for colors, fonts, margins etc.

  • How to save time in PowerPoint with tips and tricks you need to know

Our programs in Structured Communication & PowerPoint can be taken independently or as a natural extension or follow-up to a program in Problem Solving. The two programs can also be merged into one consolidated flow in “Problem Solving & Communication”.

Structured Communication & PowerPoint typically consists of:

  • 1 to 2 days of class-based training to learn and practice the methods and tools

  • Follow-up sessions of individual coaching on own presentations or communication cases, to immediately convert the learning to actual skills and value-creation

Client delivery

Inquire about Communication & PowerPoint

To learn more or start a dialogue about our training, coaching and advisory programs in Communication & PowerPoint, please reach out to us via the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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